Surex Le Bloc Maxi - Pools



CRYSTAL CLEAR Polished sparkling pool and spa water all year round

LE BLOC uses a revolutionary gel-delivery technology that continuously releases a proprietary blend of conventional active water care ingredients that bind and trap contaminants and residues 24 hours a day.

This combination allows LE BLOC to deploy these trusted, proven techniques using a revolutionary Sustained Release Application.

What is Sustained Release?

Pools are constantly contaminated by the environment and residue from chemical treatments, bathers and the elements. LE BLOC’s sustained release mechanism allows concentrated, active ingredients to be continuously released into the spa, allowing it to bind and trap these contaminants and residues before they can create a problem.

How does LE BLOC compare?

The immediate action on contaminants and ongoing reduction in contaminant load, reduces the overall maintenance requirements. Filter efficiency additionally improved. LE BLOC is formulated to deal with unique contamination problems like pet hair and dander, pollen , dust lotions and body oils. LE BLOC is ph neutral. The Gel formulation reduces potential hazardous circumstances by eliminating accidental spillage.

What is the LE BLOC compatibility?

LE BLOC is compatible with ALL sanitisers and pool chemicals. Neither gel or product performance is affected if placed in direct contact with chlorinating tablets in skimmer basket. LE BLOC is also compatible with all filters apart from D.E. As with all clarifers and flocculants it is recommended to routinely clean filters.


  • Year Round, crystal, polished, clear and sparkling pool water.
  • Reduces Chemical consumption.
  • Removes Phosphates (the main cause of Algae).
  • Reduces overall maintenance.
  • Convenient & Easy to Apply.
  • One Pack lasts up to 8 weeks No Mixing / No Measuring
  • Safe & Non Toxic - Biodegradable

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