Pure Friendly Oxygen Home Drinking Water System



The World’s Most Advanced Oxygen Water Purification System

Pure Friendly is an Oxygen and Mineral filtered alkaline drinking water system for domestic and commercial applications removing up to 99% of the total dissolved harmful contaminants and toxins entering your mains water system such as chlorines, pesticides, fluorides and metals whilst maintaining the essential minerals beneficial to the body.

Pure Friendly’s water purification system will also eradicate and kill bacteria’s and viruses such as E-coli, Enterococci, Pseudomonas, Legionella, Biofilms, Giardia and Cryptosporidium whilst inducing healthy and rich Oxygen levels and Mineral to the water system.

The Pure Friendly Patented technology induces Oxygen to the water for increased health benefits and wellbeing for all the family with ionisation technology used and approved by NASA for drinking water in space shuttles.

The Pure Friendly system will also remove and prevent hard water scale build up on domestic appliances such as dish washers, fridges, radiators, plumbing to ensure your home essentials are also protected from lime scale corrosion whilst providing purified water that sparkles like crystals.

Used by pro athletes, weekend warriors, busy professionals, students, and busy parents everywhere topping up your oxygen levels allows you to re-cover faster from all of life’s stresses.

Why should we all use Pure Friendly?

Our Planet reuses the same water over and over, over 2000 toxic chemicals have been found at trace levels within tap water entering our home. Once we realise all water goes down the drain, on our lawns, or into the environment by any means water eventually ends up within our drinking supply system.

Our water supplies are increasingly threatened by and contaminated by chemicals and microorganisms. Many illnesses have been linked to toxins within drinking water systems such as Cancer and heart disease.

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Oxygenated water has been scientifically proven to:

• Promote healthy Oxygen level for development during pregnancy
• Promotes healthy Oxygen blood cells to help prevent Cancers
• Aids in avoiding viruses and bacterial infections
• Aids in treatments to asthma, emphysema and lung disease
• Rejuvenates skin aiding treatment to eczema and psoriasis
• Increased focus improving memory and mental clarity
• Optimised athletic performance whilst aiding muscle recovery
• Increase energy and endurance
• Improve immune system
• Promotes the replication of good Bacteria in the body
• Reduce feelings of drowsiness, fatigue and stress
• Revives energy and stamina levels
• Is a natural detoxifier which slows the aging process



Concept Oxygen and Mineral Home Drinking System
Ultra Violet Spectro thermic Sanitisation 55w Germicidal UV Bulb Stainless Housing 63mm connection
Filters 4no Filters
Pool turnover required 4 Hours
Connections - Chamber 90mm
Connections - UV 63mm
Warranty 3 Year Limited

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