Pure Friendly MK75 Oxygen Water Treatment with UV



The World’s Most Advanced Oxygen Water Purification System
Pure Friendly technology is the only proven standalone water treatment system which has been available for over 10 years which does not require Chlorine, Bromine or Salt and unlike chlorine and salt chlorination we do not produce carcinogenic disinfection by-products (DBPs) or Trihalomethanes such as chloroform or bromoform.
This combined technology results in the total elimination of all algae, bacteria and a host of viruses including cryptosporidium whilst still providing the required oxidation to qualify as a stand alone 100% toxic-free fresh water sanitiser system not requiring 1 gram of chlorine, bromine, ozone or salt.
The Pure Friendly Natural Freshwater Oxygen system through special Patented plates produces 4 non-toxic oxidisers which are EPA rated as 100% Environmentally Friendly. (Patented technology 92003/2934) . There is no other known technology worldwide that can perform at this level of efficiency in disinfecting home and pool water at such high levels of performance for health and safety.
Oxygen rich water is healthy water. Oxygen not only destroys harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds, algae etc. in the water, but is highly beneficial, therapeutic and rejuvenating when drinking or bathing. Unlike chlorine, salt chlorination and ozone, e-clear does not produce harmful ‘burning’ oxidizers in contact with the swimmer.
Because the Pure Friendly oxygenation system combines its powerful patented oxidation technology with ionization and ultra violet, it is the only system that can deliver 100% Chlorine free, salt free and ozone free water, even at high body loads and high temperatures.
Since the Pure Friendly oxygenation system does not require the use of toxic chemicals it provides a healthy yet effective solution that’s kind to you and kind to the environment.

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Concept Automated standalone Chlorine Free
Ultra Violet Spectro thermic Sanitisation 55w Germicidal UV Bulb Stainless Housing 63mm connection
For pool volumes up to: 75 m3
Maximum flow rate 46 m3/hr
Pool turnover required 4 Hours
Connections - Chamber 63mm
Connections - UV 63mm
Warranty 3 Year Limited

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