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        NanoTech UV-C With Amalgam Lamps and Flow Switch

        NanoTech UV-C Precise design, Top PerformanceWith Amalgam 130 watt Lamps, Timer and Flow SwitchThe Nano Tech Series of ultraviolet units are applied in the water treatment sector (residual and drinking water) as well as in swimming pools and ponds installations. The UV lamp provides a UV dose of 30mJ/cm², which is sufficient for disinfection of the water and protection against 99.9% chlorine-resistant microorganisms. Operating between low and medium pressure UV applications, NanoTechamalgam achieves a high relative power density operating in a broad temperature range.The amalgam version includes a flow switch which will cut-off the lamp power to protect the system from over-heating when the water flow is lower than required.Due to a special coating technology, NanoTech guarantees a continuedperformance of 85% after 12,000 hours operating in a broad temperaturerange. A timer version is available as an option.Durable stainless steel AISI 316 housing, with mirror-polished interiorthat increases the UV-C radiation reflection,...