Surex Aquastik Epoxy Repair Putty



Aquastik is a hand knead able, speciality epoxy putty that mixes in one minute to provide permanent repairs to damp, wet areas and underwater applications. It may be applied in either fresh or salt water, and will bond tenaciously to substrates such as fibreglass, metal, wood, concrete, ceramics, glass etc.

After proper mixing, Aquastik moulds like clay and may be used to permanently patch dents, scratches, cuts, gouges and holes in fibreglass, metal and wooden boat decks and hulls; repair fittings, pipes, electrical connections, leaking gaskets, fuel tanks, water tanks, fish boxes, tubs, battery cases, sinks, spa's, hot tubs, tanks, pools, form custom gaskets etc.

After final cure, Aquastik may be drilled, sawed, tapped, filed, sanded and painted.

Can Aquastik work underwater ?

Aquastik is ideal for making emergency in-water repairs.

In immersed applications, Aquastiks cure rate is dependant upon the temperature of the water just as it is affected by the air temperature in non-immerse applications. The lower the temperature the longer it takes to cure.

It allows patching in areas where welding is impossible.

How do you apply Aquastik ?

Aquastik has 100% solids content, will not shrink and is water-soluble. Simply break off the required amount for the repair then mix together until the compound turns white.

The mixed epoxy turns from an aquamarine colour or 'fibreglass white' upon curing and will not yellow upon exposure to UV.

Aquastik comes in a handy rod form with the curing agent encapsulated in the contrasting colour base material. Its putty like consistency eliminates drips and runs providing 'no mess' applications with no tools required for use.


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