5 KG Surex OO2 Oxysure Granules



Surex OO2 Oxysure - Experience the difference. Your pool water will be the clearest it's ever been and you can swim for hours without the odour and eye, nose, skin, and throat irritation caused by excess chlorine.

Surex OO2 Oxysure is a per oxygen, it liberates oxygen and is as powerful as any chlorine donor and more powerful than bromine. Surex OO2 Oxysure is the ultimate in swimming comfort – there are no offensive odours, there is no taste.
Surex OO2 Oxysure is more conductive to a safer ecology – no CFC’s are given off into the atmosphere and the compound cannot affect the environment when the pool water is backwashed down the drain, thus can be named ‘green friendly’ Surex OO2 Oxysure cannot produce the wheezes associated with the use of chlorine in indoor applications and the irritating rashes often experienced with bromine.
Surex OO2 Oxysure is far more gentle on the fabric of the pool, liners and ancillary equipment especially covers and pool cleaners. The compound has far less effect on the degredation of air conditioning systems than chlorine substances and gives a superior atmospheric environment.
Surex OO2 Oxysure is economical. Surex International’s chemical engineering of water treatment compounds, first founded from the grass roots of practical experience over many, many years has now advanced to even higher levels of appreciation, understanding and knowledge unequalled by any competition.
Surex International believe the days of Chlorine are numbered, too many unanswered questions to its suitability and safety surround its application Without Crying Wolf – will Chlorine be the bext Asbestosis of the new millenium?
Article written by Derek Acca – Surex International – FISPE Surex OO2 Oxysure


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